Food for…trial and error

A few of us here on Trimax staff are certified nutrition coaches and/or certified health coaches, which means that we are authorities on the matter of trying every diet and reading every book and doing every form of exercise known to human kind and coming to the foregone conclusion that it’s all left up to a very personal journey of trial and error. Nutrition is the singular science in which two opposing theories can be proven and both still be right.  Frustrating, isn’t it? Thus, trial and error is almost mandatory, if not at least a handy tool in everyone’s quest to figure what to eat to look and feel their best, and furthermore, what to eat to perform their best.

One major, and majorly public, trial and error that we’ve recently seen came courtesy of the sensei of ultra running himself, Professor Tim Noakes. His Lore of Running, which is now in its 4th edition published in 2002, is a bible to many endurance athletes and casual runners alike. And as of very recently, Tim has instructed everyone who owns a copy to find the chapter on nutrition and RIP IT OUT! Have you ever heard such a thing? We admire and applaud Noakes for outing the archaic advice of carbo-loading to fuel endurance activities that is heavily advised in his book and was omnipresent in the world of endurance sports at the time. If you – literally – wrote the book (nay, the bible!) on carbo-loading, then it takes one steely nerve to say that, after 30 years, it was indeed bad advice. Good thing this is Tim Noakes, and not someone who hasn’t done their research.

Now many of you out there (and many of us in here) have definitely enjoyed a carbo-load or two in the past, and maybe for many of you it works like the Dickens and you haven’t the slightest reason to change it. As it turns out, Noakes had his health to wake him up to his need for a change – he was diagnosed with prediabetes, which indicates insulin resistance and, more pressingly, carbohydrate intolerance. I myself have type 1 diabetes and am no stranger to the low carb diet, but the question has always been: can I train hard without the carbs? Will meat and vegetables fuel my workouts and recovery? We’ll get to that tomorrow, but in the meantime – go find your copy of Lore of Running  and start ripping!

3 thoughts on “Food for…trial and error”

  1. So glad to see this here. Looking forward to hearing more. I am a registered dietitian and a triathlete and have been doing some experimenting of my own. It’s hard to let go of those old ideas about the need for so many carbs, though! Interested to see what others are doing and how they are feeling.

    1. Hey Angie! Great to hear from you, especially another triathlete/nutrition nut. Agreed – it seemed like a hard pill to swallow at first, but by now we’re totally on board and excited with the possibilities. Good luck with your training and keep in touch!

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