Where Has All the Full Fat Dairy Gone?

I am seeing some cold, hard evidence of our country’s fat-phobia when I stand in front of the dairy case at most grocery stores. Even Whole Foods! Oh how the mighty has fallen. I wrote last week about the debate I often have with myself about whether to include dairy in my diet or not, and on those times that I am including it, I’m going to eat the full fat stuff. And I would really like it if it weren’t so damn hard to find.

Full-fat dairy, as recommended over non-fat by everyone promoting a Paleo or High Fat Low Carb diet, as well as everyone who knows that our fat-phobias stand on shaky ground at best, has more protein, less sugar, and boasts the slow-food trait of being far less processed than its low-fat cousins, has disappeared from the shelves.

Whether you’re trying to control your blood sugar or reduce your carb intake or not, it’s still pretty shocking to see an entire food product, an arguably healthy one, which I know exists, gone from the landscape. It was only a few years ago that I could buy a Fage Total at the café in the gym I worked in, but that soon disappeared. The grocery store, especially organic-friendly ones, though, never disappointed. I could get my Fage, or some other exotic variety of strained, full-fat yogurt. But recently, and this seems to strangely coincide with how close attention I’m paying, the yogurt I always knew would be there for me are gone! Perhaps this is just a sign that I should give up the dairy already, but if I’ve learned anything through my entire nutritional journey that I have a stubborn, deeply seated tendency to want something that much more once I learn I can’t have it (or in this case, find it.) And so, the search continues.

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